soli deo gloria

The us armenians

“You won’t believe how powerful this statement on the Armenian Genocide is until you hear it!……Take a moment to listen to this incredible song and share it with your friends!”


“SERAIAH is a musical missionary who advocates universal values including love, compassion and justice.”

hye social

“This is an incredible and a moving story of Dutch Rap Artist SERAIAH!”



“I want to thank you for this work. How much Soul and Heart You put into it! ……. Accept my sincere congratulations and hugs! I bow to your talent! Thank You, My Dear Brother! 🙏🏻

ruzan grigoryan

“Thank you. A shiver ran through the whole body and I could not hold back my tears. Thank you for being next to my Armenian people.”

koryun ohanyan

“I can’t listen to your song without tears rolling down my face, stupefying my mind. Let me hug you and say thank you. Thanks…”


“When justice comes and we march in winning glory, I’ll cary this song in my heart, and before then, you got a place in my prayers to God.”                                

marie kurth

“wow. you have my dearest respect. This is a masterpiece. My armenian mother and me balled our eyes out. INCREDIBLE. THANK YOU SO MUCH”


“Bro your level is like you deserve 1 million or more followers and listenings. How are you so underrated ?!!”

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