SERAIAH invited on Dutch Public TV to discuss about Artsakh and Armenia

On the 28th of September 2023, I attended a debate on Dutch Public TV about Armenia and Artsakh. It was broadcasted on the program “Ongehoord Nederland”, a TV item on the first Dutch Public TV channel. I was invited to speak on behalf of Armenia’s position, because of my Political Science background and my years of experience with Armenia and Armenians, with as highlight my song about the Armenian Genocide: Medz Yeghern.

The program started with my view on Artsakh and the blockade by Azerbaijan. I talked about the moving stories I’ve heard from the Artsakh citizens, and I argued about the necessity of lifting the blockade imposed by Azerbaijan and to put international pressure. 

I got into a discussion with Ralf Dekker, an active member of the political party Forum voor Democratie (FvD). My position was that the Netherlands, together with the other European countries, should put immense economic pressure on Azerbaijan, even ommitting the EU gas deal, and should be willing to intervene militarily to help Armenia and the Armenians in Artsakh. I also argued about the recognition of Artsakh. 

Ralf Dekker argued that the Netherlands should stay out of this conflict since it’s not part of our interest. He also commented that Armenia has never recognized Artsakh, and that it was irreasonable for the Netherlands and Europe to recognize Artsakh if Armenia itself hasn’t done it yet. 

I replied: The reason why Armenia hasn’t recognized Artsakh yet, is because of the ceasefire agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan after the first Artsakh war from 1988-1994. By recognizing Artsakh, Armenia would be involved in a direct war with Azerbaijan which would post risks of Armenia to lose territory of its own internationally recognized borders. Armenia and its leaders waited first for the other nations to recognize Artsakh, then Armenia would follow them. 

I wanted to follow up why it is in Europe’s interest to support Armenia: To combat the pan-Turkish ambitions of Turkey and Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan conquering Artsakh would be one step closer to conquer Syunik, and conquering Syunik would connect Turkey to Azerbaijan and the rest of the Turkic world. During Turkic conferences they made several times clear to connect Turkey with the Turkic world, which would in the long term be a danger for Europe and the balanse of Power. However, before I could finish this argument, I was interrupted by the moderator, who wanted us to discuss the next subject. 

During this talk, we also discussed the Armenian Genocide and why countries haven’t recognized it yet: I stated that its because of the economic and strategic relationship with Turkey. After discussing Armenia and Artsakh, we talked about other political subjects.

It was an honour to represent and to defend Armenia and the Artsakh Armenians on the National Public TV of the Netherlands. I received many positive comments from Armenians in the Netherlands about my performance during this show, showing their appreciation. I told them what I tell everyone always: I will always speak up for Armenia!



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