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As an independant artist, I have no label to support me financially on my music production and video production. I pay everything myself. Of course I do that gladly. But unfortunatly, these productions can cost lots of money, especially the video production. Highly professional videoclips, like “Medz Yeghern”, cost around 15K EUR (minimum) to make. I have no problem taking all the costs on myself. But it slows me down in releasing songs as saving money for this purpose can take quite some time. Do you want to help me to speed up the process and support me financially for the next professional videoclip?  If you love the work that I’m doing, and if you want to contribute in making impact towards people worldwide, you can support me by donating! Take a look at the Donation Circle how much is still needed, and view below all the options on how you can donate!

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Goal: 15K

Donation options

IDEAL (Europe)
PayPal (U.S. & Europe)
Yandex Money (Russia)
Idram (Armenia)
Crypto (Worldwide)


Highly professional videoclips, like "Medz Yeghern", cost around 15K EUR to make. Don't believe it? Watch the "Backstage"video of this videoclip. If you want to support me for my next projects, you can help by donating!


Do you own a company and are you interested in sponsorship with me? Sponsorships are possible! If you support my goals and want to contribute to maximum impact of my projects, then you can contact my team below!  

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.

– Charles Dickens –

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