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On May 4th. 2023, an interview was published by STYLE News Armenia. I was interviewed at the Tsitsernakaberd Memorial in Yerevan about the origins of my passion for Armenia, my song Medz Yeghern, and my future projects for Armenia. The interview is published in Armenian. STYLE News Armenia has an article and video of this interview. Below you will find the link to the original article and video. I’ve translated an excerpt of the article in english below as well. 



Here follows an excerpt of the article of STYLE News Armenia, translated into English. For the original article, click here

Indian musician Roshan, who is better known by his stage name Seraiah, says that he has been interested in the history of Armenia since he was a teenager, and felt pain reading about the genocide. In 2020, at the time of the Artsakh war, he was here and realized that he wants to help the Armenian people by defining his forces. On April 24, the artist living in the Netherlands presented the work “The Great War”, which is dedicated to the memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide.

“My love for Armenia is very deep. If you read the lyrics, you will understand that depth. I think it all started in high school when I was still a teenager. I didn’t know much about Armenia yet, but we had a class before April 24, and many of my Turkish classmates told me, do you know that the genocide they are talking about didn’t actually happen? I began to wonder to myself, how could they be so sure of this claim, so I began to do some research myself. I am a Christian, and when I read about the history of Christianity, I was interested to know more. And I also read about that terrible crime, because of which the Armenian people suffered. In fact, there was no one to help them. That fact really touched me,” the artist mentioned in a conversation with STYLE .
“The first time I was here, I promised myself that I would do everything possible to help the Armenian people by talking about the genocide. I knew my talent was making music. Thus, the idea matured here, and finally boiled in my head later. When I was tired of creating music, I turned to one of the best directors, Artur Manukyan. He also worked in the framework of “Eurovision”, he is very professional. The song was already ready, I consulted with him about the shooting of the video, and that’s how everything was created.”

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