NEWS Armenia publishes an Article about SERAIAH

On the 24th of April 2023, News Armenia published an article piece about me and my song “Medz Yeghern”. Although originally written in Armenian, I have translated a large part of the article and put it below. Have a look at what this news agency thinks of of SERAIAH below. Click here to see the original article. 

“Medz Yeghern is a new song by the artist dedicated to the tragic events of 1915 – the genocide of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire. From Armenian “Medz yeghern” is translated as “great massacre”. The song, released on the day of remembrance of the victims of the Armenian Genocide, received almost 5 thousand views in two days.

Despite its minimalism, the video is full of symbolism: crosses as a reference to Christianity, fiery torches as a symbol of persecution, and a red background as the shed blood of victims. The picture is completed by a recreated hologram of Tsitsernakaberd and successive archival photos of the massacre behind the performer.

 The lyrics of the song are also full of allusions, mentioning Hayk, the war of 2020, and even the current political state of Armenia. Historical accounts of oppression, religious persecution, and torture are summarized in the phrase “your choice: run or die slowly,” followed by numerous references to biblical motifs, ending with the life-affirming phrase “but God left you alive.” In his composition, the rap artist covers the entire period from the beginning of the tragic story to the present day, moving from tragedy to attempts to inspire the listener.

In addition, the rhythmic recitative gives way to a chorus, where a female voice sings lines in Armenian.

Seraiah is a musical missionary who advocates for universal human values, including love, compassion and justice.

The song Medz Yeghern is not only a tribute to the historical events of 1915, but also a unique attempt by the performer to show respect for history, sympathy for the Armenian people, and also, using the example of the Armenian genocide, to proclaim Christian values that are important to him.”


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